Monday, 2 July 2018

Green Bin Tax Delayed

The introduction of the £50 "Green Bin Tax" has been delayed from July until "later in the summer". However, West Berks Council didn't announce the delay, it was revealed in the answer to a question I asked at a meeting of the council's Executive Committee.
The delay is good news to gardeners as they will able to use their green bins for free for longer, but it is bad for the council because they will get less income from the tax this year. The later that it is introduced, the more likely it is that residents will put off paying the charge until the spring.

I oppose this tax because it:
  • is unfair on those on low incomes, such as pensioners and the disabled
  • punishes those who try to do their best for the environment
  • will lead to yet more fly-tipping
  • will make life difficult for those who don't have the use of a car.

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