Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Planning application for "up to 110 homes" on outskirts of Theale

Planning application 19/01172/OUTMAJ has been submitted for "outline application for residential development of up to 110 dwellings. Matters to be considered: Access".

The site is the triangular field between The Green, the A340 Pangbourne Road and the road leading to Bradfield. This site was allocated for up to 100 homes "with an emphasis on family housing" in the local plan.

Although this is an outline application to consider the access, if approved it will also allow up to 110 homes to be built. This is obviously more than the 100 allocated in the local plan. 

Plans and planning documents can be accessed at http://planning.westberks.gov.uk/rpp/index.asp?caseref=19/01172/OUTMAJ

Result of West Berkshire Council Election

I am very pleased to say that I have been re-elected to serve as councillor for Theale ward on West Berkshire Council. It will be a privilege to represent villagers for the next four years.

The overall result of the election was:

Conservatives 24 councillors
Liberal Democrats 16 councillors
Green Party 3 councillors

(The number of councillors has been reduced from the previous 52 to 43).

The council is therefore still controlled by the Conservatives, but with a reduced majority of four (was previously 47)